How To Get Fan Mail From Your Subscribers

A client of mine got a reply to an email that said:

You are good man. You are really good. Probably the only newsletter I open often.

Now here’s how you get fan mail like that…

You get really good at making connections from what you see.

There’s a subconscious part of my brain that’s always looking for angles for the emails I write.

When I read books, live my life, or hear stories from others living their life.

I train that mechanism to always be on.

For the email I was talking about earlier…

I was reading Deep Work and I saw a quote from a farmer talking about why he bought hay instead of making his own hay in-house.

And I turned that into an email about why being “omni-present” online is not worth the effort and how to shortcut that by using my clients offer (a podcast booking SaaS).

And frankly…

I can use that angle for almost any offer.

For example:

- Why writing your own copy is a waste of time and you should hire me to write it

- Why you shouldn’t try to figure out everything on your own and hire a coach instead

- Why going to the DMV to save a few bucks is actually costing you… and why you should use an online service instead

- Why looking for free info on YouTube isn’t as effective as buying this course

- Why not hiring a trainer is costing you gains… even though you might be saving a few bucks in the short run

I could keep going forever if I wanted to.

But just remember…

There’s an angle in everything.

You just have to know how to spin it.

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Direct response copywriter and marketing strategist

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